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"One at a time... One of a Kind."
The above mantra says it all about our Custom Shop. From the selection of our fancy or burled Premium handle woods, to the individual construction of all the net components, we craft each net to be "One of a Kind".
For an even more personalized net, you can add a hand done scrimshawed fly pattern, or have your name engraved, to be a"one of a kind".

To order your very own Custom Net; email us with Model, Series, Handle Wood, and any Custom Features you would like added. We will then notify you of cost and delivery time, and then send you an electronic invoice.

With our invoice payment options through PayPal, ordering and paying is secure and simple.

Acceptance Mark


For a more personal touch, have your
name engraved on the handle.


Clear Ultra-Lightweight Flexible MRB [Molded Rubber Bags]



A traditional black and white scrimshaw on a Tusk material is available in various fly patterns.

Magnetic Net-Quick Release with epoxy coating

The Net-Quick Magnetic release, utilizes two neodymium epoxy coated magnets, each with a 10 pound Gauss force pull. Attach to your vest in a handle down position for easy of use.

Measure Dots

Measure Dots are placed at 2" increments from the throat of the handle on Boat Models and every 1inch onLake andFloat. They are available in these shell colors; Abalone, Gold, and Black. They are available on Float, Lake and Boat Handles.

Custom Shop Pricing Guide

Net-Quick Magnetic Release - Individually packaged $15.00
Scrimshaw (Round insert with fly pattern) $35.00 per side
Engraved Name $20.00 per side
Measure Dots - Float - 10 Dots $15.00
Measure Dots - Lake - 10 Dots $15.00
Measure Dots - Boat - 12 Dots / Pontoon Models - 8 Dots $20.00
Clear Ultra-Lightweight MRB available on Masters and Guides $30.00
Premium Wood Handles ( Master and Guide short handle length) $20.00
Premium Wood Handles for Float, and Lake $28.00
Premium Wood Handles for Magnum Boats $40.00
*Prices above do not include price of the net itself. See our Master Page or Guide Page for net prices.

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